About the RAP Sessions

The APEC RAP Sessions feature several exciting and contentious topics. RAP Sessions allow for exciting dialogue among attendees and presenters and will be presented live during the conference.

The RAP sessions at APEC 2022 will take place Tuesday, March 22, 2022 from 5-6:30 p.m. CT. Topics include:

RAP Session 1: Switch Capacitor vs. Inductor Based Technologies

Chair: Jonathan Kimball – Missouri University

Robert Pillawa – University of California Berkley
Loai Salem – University of California Santa Barbara
Jose Cobos – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Roger Chen – Texas Instruments
Nicola Femia – University of Cassino
FC Lee – Virginia Tech

RAP Session 2: Challenges and potential of “AI based design” vs. “conventional design"

Chair: Alan Mantooth - University of Arkansas
Alfonso Martínez – Frenetic
Minjie Chen – Princeton University
Joao Pinto – Oakridge National Labs
Alex Huang – University of Texas at Austin
Dushan Broyevich – Virginia Tech
Dragan Maksimovic – University of Colorado Boulder

RAP Session 3: Magnetics in IC vs. Magnetics in PCB

Chair: Indumini Ranmuthu – Texas Instruments
Matt Wilkowski – Enachip
Francesco Carobolante – IoTissimo
Alex Hanson – University of Texas at Austin
P. Markondeya Raj - Florida International University
Doug Hopkins – North Carolina State University
Khurram Afridi – Cornell University