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Jonathan Kimball on why you'll see him at APEC 2021

Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

When I first started attending APEC, my main goals were to get my paper published and to see what other people were working on (at the various presentations). As the years went by, I engaged more and more with all of the other activities—especially the expo, but also the RAP sessions and, when I could, the professional education seminars. It’s just such a great conference, with something for everyone.

What kept me coming back to APEC, though, wasn’t the program. It was the people. Every year, I look forward to catching up with old friends, growing my network, and just being around other people like me—power electronics professionals who are dedicated to their craft.

APEC 2016
APEC 2016! From left: Grant Pitel, Katherine Kim, Jonathan Kimball, and Phil Krein

This year, more than ever, I need that sense of community. So many virtual “conferences” are really just content delivery: papers, presentations, that sort of thing. Since agreeing to help with this virtual APEC, my primary focus has been on developing a sense of presence, a sense of connection, despite our separation in time and space.

My plan is to treat conference week as if I were away at APEC. Sure, I’ll check email and such, just like I do every year. But I’m going to try my best to immerse myself in the APEC experience. Can’t wait!

- Jonathan Kimball

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