APEC News Release

Virtual Workshops on Magnetics and Capacitors Sponsored by PSMA and IEEE PELS

Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

The Workshops, traditionally held the day before APEC, will be presented virtually in June 2021.

"Design Techniques for the 21st Century – Behind the Scenes, Make Sure You Choose & Use the Correct Capacitor" is the 4th annual Capacitor Workshop sponsored by PSMA and IEEE PELS. Are you interested in learning more about the high temperature capabilities of EDLC Super-Capacitors, high voltage hybrid Aluminum Polymers? Have you asked yourself, what is the difference between the result of the simulation you did and the first measurements of your prototypes? How will a capacitors' lifetime differ when environmental conditions are changing? All those and many more questions are targeted to be answered at the workshop. For more information, visit the workshop webpage. (https://www.psma.com/technical-forums/capacitor/workshop)

The 2021 "Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop" is the 6th annual workshop in this series sponsored by PSMA and IEEE PELS. The purpose and focus of the workshop are to identify the latest developments in magnetic materials, coil (winding) design, construction and fabrication, evaluation and characterization techniques and modelling and simulation tools. For more information, visit the workshop webpage. (https://www.psma.com/technical-forums/magnetics/workshop)