Professional Education Seminars to take place on Sunday, March 26 and Monday, March 27.Seminars cover a wide range of topics including device evaluation, circuit design, control techniques, system interactions, industry standards, etc.

The schedule with links to each seminar abstract and bio is as follows:

  Sunday, March 26
9:30 - 13:00
Sunday, March 26
14:30 - 18:00
Monday, March 27
8:30 - 12:00
Design S01 (Room 13/14)
Bidirectional DC-DC Converters: Fundamentals and Advances

Presented by Zhe Zhang; Riccardo Pittini 
S07 (Room 13/14)
A Comprehensive Introduction to Implementing a Fully Digital LLC Resonant Converter

Presented by Joel Steenis; Alex Dumais
S13 (Room 13/14)
Input Filter Interactions with Switching Regulators

Presented by Christophe Basso
SiC S02 (Room 15/16)
Silicon Carbide MOSFETs - A Deep Dive to Accelerate Your Next Power Converter Design

Presented by Sujit Banerjee; Kevin Matocha; Xuning Zhang
S08 (Room 15/16)
Practical Implementation of SiC Power Devices on Using Best Practices with Focus on Electrification of Motor Vehicles

Presented by Adam Barkley; Edgar Ayerbe; Kraig Olejnicza
S14 (Room 15/16)
SiC Device Fabrication & HV SiC Devices Enabled MV Power Converters Applications - Opportunities and Challenges

Presented by Victor Veliadis
Control S03 (Room 18/19)
Direct Digital Compensator Design for Power Electronics

Presented by Hamish Laird
S09 (Room 18/19)
Small-Signal Stability & Subsystem Interactions in Distributed Power Systems with Multiple Converter

Presented by Dushan Borojevich; Jinjun Liu; Paolo Mattavelli
S15 (Room 18/19)
Current Mode Control and Modeling- 3 Decades of Progress

Presented by Fred Lee
Components & Systems S04 (Room 24/25)
High Power Si & SiC Module Technology & Applicatioin Considerations

Presented by John Donlon; Eric Motto; Mike Rogers; Mark Steiner
S10 (Room 24/25)
Advanced Packaging Technologies for Fully Exploiting Attributes of WBG Power Electronics

Presented by Zhenxian Liang
S16 (Room 24/25)
Google Little Box Reloaded - How to Achieve 200 W/in3 and Beyond

Presented by Johann W. Kolar; Dominik Neumayr; Dominik Bortis
EMI & Reliability S05 (Room 20/21)
EMI Causes, Measurement, and Reduction Techniques for Switch-Mode Power Converters

Presented by Michael Schutten
S11 (Room 20/21)
Introduction to EMC

Presented by Darryl Ray
S17 (Room 20/21)
Design for Reliability: From Components to Systems

Presented by Frede Blaabjerg; Francesco Iannuzzo; Huai Wang
Wireless Charging & Magnetics S06 (Room 22/23)
Practical Design of Wireless Electric Vehicles: Dynamic & Stationary Charging Technologies

Presented by Chun T. Rim
S12 (Room 22/23)
High-Frequency Magnetics Design, Measurement & Modeling

Presented by Ray Ridley
S18 (Room 22/23)
High Frequency Planar Magnetics for Power Conversion

Presented by William Gerard Hurley; Ziwei Ouyang