Tuesday, March 18, 2025, 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Location To Be Announced

If you are looking for new power electronics talent you will not want to miss this opportunity to meet outstanding student candidates.

Registration is required to participate in the APEC 2025 Student Job Fair. Space will be limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that a company does not have to be an APEC 2025 Exhibitor to participate in the Student Job Fair.

Participating companies should send hiring managers or technical recruiters who know their business inside and out. Our curious students will come with questions about your current openings, company culture, and more!

The names of companies participating in the APEC 2025 Job Fair will be published when available, starting in late 2024.

The APEC 2025 Student Job Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 18, 2025 from 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM in [Location To Be Announced]

Why should my company take part in APEC’s Job Fair?

APEC is the largest avenue where both companies and universities active in power electronics from all around the world attend. This is a terrific opportunity for employers to find the best talents from universities. The friendly setting allows smooth exchange and connection between hiring managers and enthusiastic students.

Is there a cost for my company to purchase a table?

There will be a small cost associated with purchasing a table. All fees and key dates will be announced at a later date.

All staff participating in the Student Job Fair must be registered for APEC. Each company table includes room for 2 staff members to participate.

Does our company have to be an exhibitor at the APEC conference to be able to purchase a table at the Student Job Fair?

No, all companies are welcome!

What will be provided?

  • (1) 8’ Table
  • (2) Chairs
  • Tabletop sign with company logo
  • Advertisement of your company’s participation

Will I receive resumes from participants?

You will receive resumes in person from participants. Students will be reminded to bring their resumes to the event.

Can my company purchase more than one table?

Yes, your company may purchase more than one table but will need to pay the appropriate company fee for each table.

Can we interview students on-site?

Yes, after you make contact with students, you are welcome to follow up with them to conduct interviews. You can make arrangements yourself for these interviews.

How many students participate in APEC?

APEC 2024 had about 650 students registered for the conference. Student attendees of APEC are focused on power electronics for their career. As an international conference, APEC student attendees are from the top universities across the world.

Where can I find shipping information?

Information on shipping to and from the job fair location will be made available later this year.

The APEC 2025 Student Job Fair is open to anyone who has registered for APEC as a student.

Admission to the Student Job Fair is strictly limited to current students (must be registered with the conference as a student). Please be prepared to show a current and valid student identification upon request.

Be prepared to speak with representatives from companies you are interested in by conducting research in advance. Bring multiple printed copies of your up-to-date resume and dress to impress! All registered APEC student attendees are invited to participate. We look forward to seeing you there.

The APEC 2025 Student Job Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 18, 2025 from 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM in [Location To Be Announced]

Why should I attend APEC Job Fair?

This is a convenient and efficient way for you to connect and interview with potential employers.

How do I sign up?

Make sure you are registered for the APEC 2025 Conference as a student as this is required to attend the job fair. Once you are registered for the Conference, there are no additional fees to attend the Student Job Fair.

Complimentary registration for students to attend the Student Job Fair and Expo Hall only opens in December 2024.

How should I prepare myself for the job fair?

  • Bring multiple printed resumes with the most up to date information with you.
  • Update your online presence via LinkedIn.
  • Research participating companies of interest.
  • Practice interview questions.
  • Do not forget to dress to impress.
  • Grow your network!

What companies are attending?

The names of companies participating in the APEC Student Job Fair will be published as they become available, starting in late 2024.

Do I need to be actively job searching to attend? What if I am still a student?

No, you do not need to be actively searching! We encourage students to come check out options aligned with your interests and start gaining leads and connections with employers to prepare for when you finish college.