APEC 2020 Special Events

APEC 2020 offers a variety of special events. Following are some of the special events and meetings that will be offered.

  • Pre-APEC Workshops: PSMA is sponsoring 2 workshops, on Capacitors and Power Magnetics @ High Frequency, on the Saturday before APEC.
  • PSMA Meetings: PSMA hosts a series of meetings at APEC, including the PSMA Annual Meeting and meetings of all of the PSMA committees. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
  • Social Events & Micromouse Competition: APEC welcomes the spouses and guests of APEC registrants to participate in conference activities. Tickets for tours and social event can then be purchased during registration. The goal of the Micromouse contest is to design and build a robot that can navigate from the corner of a 10-foot square maze to the center in the shortest time.
  • PELS Meeting Series: Each year at APEC, the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) hosts a series of meetings, workshops and events. In striving to build knowledge and awareness of the latest technologies and other advances in power electronics, the goal of PELS is to keep members current and competitive in the workplace, and provide them with the tools necessary to help them grow both personally and professionally.