Industry Session Resources

Each section on this page contains important information for Speakers and Chairs.

Important Milestones

The key dates for Industry Session authors are listed below. These dates are subject to change so check here regularly for updates.

  • The deadline to submit your paper has passed. Papers are no longer being accepted for APEC 2024.
    • For reference purposes: Submissions opened June 7, 2023 and closed August 18, 2023
  • Monday, October 9, 2023: Prospective authors notified if proposal is accepted or not accepted
  • Friday, January 19, 2024: Presentations must be uploaded for presentation at the conference

Proposals for Industry Session presentations or sessions are no longer being accepted.

Submitting an Industry Session Proposal

Are you interested in presenting at APEC 2024? An Industry Session presentation may be for you!

APEC 2024 will continue the long-standing tradition of addressing issues of immediate and long-term interest to the practicing power electronic engineer through valuable Industry Sessions. These very popular sessions have allowed APEC to present information on current topics in power electronics from sources that would not otherwise attend APEC. The target audience for these sessions includes system engineers/architects and business-oriented people such as purchasing agents, regulatory agencies, along with other people who support the power electronics industry.

To help encourage more content contributions from industry practitioners, APEC runs the Industry Session track, in parallel with the Technical Session track. Speakers are invited to make a presentation only without the need to submit a formal paper. Industry Sessions presentations will be included in the APEC proceedings download.

Proposals should contain technical information relevant to the industry and academic participants but may not contain any marketing information. Proposals can be submitted in two different formats. Speakers can submit either an individual presentation proposal or an overall session proposal.

Accepted individual presentation proposals will be grouped by topics and sessions of 4, 6 or 7 presentations will be formed.

Session proposals should include the overall session title/theme as well as information about the 4, 6 or 7 individual presentations that would make up that session. It should be noted that the session proposals must not contain more than two presentations from a single organization.

Individual Proposal Guidelines:

  • Proposal File Size Limit and Type: 20 MB PDF
  • Prepare a 2-3 page proposal that provides a summary of the presentation content and a description of the target audience.
  • Include relevant figures, results, methodology, references etc. to enhance the acceptability of your proposal.
  • DO NOT include any commercial pitch in the proposal or in the final presentation.
  • DO NOT include a full presentation as a proposal.
  • Ensure that the content is applied in nature and useful to the APEC attendees.
  • Choose the appropriate formatting and font sizes to make the proposal easily readable.
  • Each proposal must identify the presenting author (“speaker”) and may have additional co-authors listed.
  • Include speaker title, affiliation, and biography at the end. (Maximum 1 page)
  • Speaker contact details are required at the time of submission.

Below are two presentation samples:

Session Proposal Guideline:

  • Proposal File Size Limit and Type: 20 MB PDF
  • Describe the title and overall theme of the session.
  • Specify the session length requested (4, 6 or 7 presentations).
  • Provide proposals of individual presentations in the session (follow the guidelines above).
  • If all proposals are not available, specify target speaker/topics.
  • Ensure that any proposal does not have more than 2 speakers from a single organization.
  • Each submission must identify the Primary Session chair and list a second session chair.
  • Include Session Chair titles, affiliations, and biographies at the end.
  • Primary Session Chair contact details are required at the time of submission.

Please note, the ideal session proposal would combine the best practices highlighted by these below examples, namely the clear overview of the session in a table format in addition to the description of the individual presentation as demonstrated separately in these examples.

Please note, all proposals should be submitted by the speaker to facilitate smooth and consistent communication leading up to APEC 2024. If the original proposal submitter is not the speaker, the proposal risks getting rejected unless the speaker is made the primary contact person prior to final acceptance.

Speakers are required to register for APEC 2024 in accordance with APEC registration policies.

Topics of Interest

  • AC-DC Converters
  • DC-DC Converters
  • System Integration
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Control
  • Production and Manufacturing Issues
  • Thermal and Packaging Issues related to Power Electronics
  • Renewable Energy Systems including Battery Storage Systems
  • Power Electronics for Transpiration including Vehicle Electrification
  • Power Electronics for Communications Applications
  • Power Electronics for Industrial Applications
  • Semiconductor Devices (including WBG)
  • Passive Components (including Magnetics and Capacitors)
  • Power Electronics for Medical Applications
  • Power Electronics for Computing Applications
  • Power Electronics for Consumer Applications
  • Lighting Systems
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Gate Drivers
  • Business and Marketing of Power Electronics
  • Regulatory Compliance of Power Electronics Equipment (EMI, Safety, Regulations)
  • Patent and Intellectual Property

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.