APEC News Release

Pre-APEC Workshops on Magnetics and Capacitors by PSMA and IEEE PELS

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022

PSMA and PELS are co-sponsoring two all-day workshops on Saturday March 18, the day before APEC 2023.

"Choosing Capacitors to Improve Design Performance '' is the 6th annual Capacitor Workshop sponsored by PSMA and IEEE PELS.The workshop is designed to open new horizons of capacitor technologies, materials and environmental influences to designers and to answer questions engineers have, or will have, when working with different capacitor dielectrics. For more information, visit the workshop webpage.

The 2023 "Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop" is the 8th annual workshop in this series sponsored by PSMA and IEEE PELS. The purpose and focus of this workshop are to identify the latest improvements in magnetic materials, coil (winding) design, construction and fabrication, evaluation and characterization techniques and modelling and simulation tools. The theme of the 2023 workshop will be magnetic component design across applications ranging from milliwatts to megawatts. For more information, visit the workshop webpage.