Stay Tuned!

The APEC 2024 Spouse And Guest Co-chairs are excited for APEC to return to Long Beach, California. They are working to renew and refresh the longtime spouse and guest hospitality program. They are exploring many ideas to provide new and fresh ways for the spouses and guests of APEC attendees to connect, network, explore, and make the most of their time while in Long Beach.

While the APEC 2024 Spouse And Guest Hospitality Program is under development here are some of the ideas and activities being explored.

Monday Morning Meet And Greet

APEC has traditionally held a welcoming breakfast for the spouses and guests of registered APEC attendees on Monday morning. This is a great time to meet up with old friends, make new friends, and plan the week's activities and adventures.

Local Outing

The Spouse and Guest Hospitality Co-Chairs are exploring ideas for a group outing tentatively planned for Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Ideas include visits to local wineries (yes! there are several wineries in the Long Beach/Orange County area), a visit to a traditional Japanese garden and tea house, a day trip to Catalina Island, visits to the world famous shopping centers Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza, and visits to Spanish missions.

Spouse And Guest Hospitality Room

The plan is to have the Spouse And Guest Hospitality Room open mornings from Monday through Thursday as a place for spouses and guests to meet up, chat over a cup of coffee or tea, have some light refreshments, take a break, or plan their activities.