Congratulations To APEC 2024's Best Presentation Award Recipients!

An important skill for engineers and technical professionals is the ability to communicate their work clearly and concisely. To encourage the development of presentation skills APEC each year gives a Best Presentation award to one presentation in each technical session (lecture and dialogue). The Session Chairs score each presentation on a number of criteria including the quality of slides, the quality of the presentation, and how well the presenter responded to questions. Having a presentation selected for an APEC Best Presentation Award is a significant professional accomplishment.

APEC congratulates this year's award recipients and thanks them for their contribution to making APEC the premier conference for showcasing the latest power electronics research and technology.

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AC-DC Converters I

An Optimization Method for Planar Transformer Winding Losses in GaN Based Multi-Output Flyback Converter

Bin Li


Resonant DC DC Converters

A 60 A Switched Tank Converter with Buck-Boost Sigma Regulation for 48 V Bus Down-Conversion

Simone Zaffin


Motor Drives

Investigation of Motor Winding Overvoltages in Integrated WBG-Based Motor Drive Systems

Yalda Azadeh


Design Techniques for Wide Bandgap Power Modules

A 400W, 250kHz (2kW Peak) Integrated GaN Half Bridge Power Module in a Non-Isolated Buck Converter

Douglas C. Hopkins


Control of Power Electronic Converters I

Active Current Sharing and Source Management Methods on Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid System for Drones with High Power Density

Dong Hwan Kim


Wireless Power Transfer: Applications

A Pulsed 6.78 MHz Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System for Quantum Cascade Lasers

Shukai Wang


Power Electronics for Renewable Energy System Applications

A Modified Middle Point Clamped (MMPC) DC-DC Converter for All-DC Wind Generation Systems

Awais Karni


Magnetics Modeling & Simulation

High-Performance High-Power Inductor Design for High-Frequency Applications

Mansi Joisher


Bi-Directional DC DC Converter

Resonant Commutation Technique for Scalable Electronic-Embedded Transformer DCX with Bidirectional Switch

Yuliang Cao


Solid-State Transformers

A 100 kW, 405 kHz HFT for Power Electronic Building Blocks (PEBBs) with a Compact MV Electrical Insulation Design

Sharifa Sharfeldden



A 7-Level Interleaved Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped Converter for High-Frequency Low-Inductance Motors

Arjit Bali


Converter & Components Modeling & Simulation

Modelling the Effect of the DC Link Decoupling Capacitor of a Commutation Power Loop Using a Thevenin-Based Frequency Domain Approach

Ayooluwa Ajiboye


Control of Power Electronic Converters II

High-Bandwidth Control of a 21 kW Unfolding-Based AC-DC Converter Using Extra Element Theorem and Current Emulation Technique

Aditya Zade


GaN Devices

Evaluation of Monolithic AC GaN Switch in a Vienna Rectifier for UPS

Qinghong Yu


Power Electronics for Hybrid & Electric Cars

Digital Closed Loop Control of a Three Port Series Resonant Converter for Electric Vehicles

Kyle Kozielski


Magnetic Applications I

Design and Performance Comparison of Multi-Frequency Inductors for Megahertz Wireless Power Transfer

Rachel S. Yang


POL & Multiphase DC DC Converters

Ultra-Low-Profile Twisted Core Inductor for Vertical Power Delivery Voltage Regulator

Adhistira Madhyasta Naradhipa


Protection & Control for Utility Interface & UPS

Mixed Duty-Ratio and Frequency Modulation Control for a Soft-Switched Inversion Stage of a High-Power-Density Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Maida Farooq


High Performance Drives

A 14-Level FCML Inverter for Electric Vehicles with Optimal Capacitors Achieving 175 kW/kg and 380 kW/L Power Density

Logan Horowitz


SiC Devices

Electro-Thermal Trade-Off for AC-Current Injection & Series-Clamping-Diodes Based Rds-On Estimation Circuit

Furkan Karakaya


Gate Drive Circuits

5-MHz Operation of a DC 565-V SiC-MOSFET Half-Bridge Inverter by Reducing Thermal Resistance of General-Purpose Gate Drivers

Koji Orikawa


Wireless Power Transfer: Topology

Drone Charging Stations on Telecom Towers with Series-Stacked Capacitive Differential Wireless Power Transfer

Mian Liao


Renewable Energy Technologies

Simplified Fixed Frequency Phase Shift Modulation for a Novel Single-Stage Single Phase Series-Resonant AC-DC Converter

Huanghaohe Zou


Charging systems

A Single-Phase Integrated Onboard Charger with a Wide Voltage Range for Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Harish Karneddi


Hybrid Switched Capacitor DC DC

A Gallium Nitride-Based 48V-to-1V Point-of-Load (PoL) Converter for Aerospace Telecommunications and Computing Applications

Nathan Ellis


DC DC Converter Applications

A Practical Auxiliary Circuit for Voltage Fluctuation Reduction in Multi-Core CPU Power Supplies

Yijie Qian


Topologies & Passives for Utility Interface

Influence of Voltage Dependency of Capacitors on a 3-Phase Common Mode Feedforward Current Sense Current Injection Active EMI Filter

Stefan Haensel


Design Techniques for Noise & EMI Reduction

Discussion on Gate Driver CM Noise and its Minimization Using Wheatstone Bridge Structure with Integrated Rogowski Sensor

He Song


Practical Design Considerations for Power Modules

Breaking Barriers: Unleashing the Potential of High-Efficiency 500 W 4-to-1 IBC Through Innovative 3D-PCB Design and Power Inlay Semiconductor Technology

Juan Sanchez


Device Modeling & Simulation

Frequency-Tuning Matching Network for Load-Varying Applications

Zhechi Ye


Renewable Energy System Control

Impedance Profile Prediction for Grid-Connected VSCs Based on Feature Extraction

Yang Wu


Power Applications, Heating, AC

Single-Ended Direct AC-AC Converter for Domestic Induction Heating Based on a Bidirectional GaN-FET

Pablo Guillén


AC-DC Battery Charger Converters

Wide Operating Range Single-Stage Bidirectional Impedance Control Network-Based Onboard Electric Vehicle Charger

Firehiwot Gurara


Soft Switching DC DC Converters

Rotation Control of Synchronize Rectifier to Improve Thermal Performance of LLC Converter Under Boost Mode Operation

Feng Jin


Si Devices

Evaluation of Current, Delay, and Temperature Influence and Diode Selection on the Switching Behavior of a SiC/Si Hybrid Switch

Adrian Amler


Energy Storage Management

State of Health Estimation and Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction of Battery Based on the Real Dynamic Forklift Profile

Xingjun Li


Power Electronics for Aerospace

Tape Wound Magnesil vs. Air Core Magnetics: High Temperature DC-DC Power Conversion

Nitish Jolly


Reliability & Thermal Performance of Power Modules & Components

A Compact Vertically Stacked Converter Module with Thermal Balancing and High-Power Dissipation Capability

Jingyuan Liang


Digital Controllers & Control ICs

A Wide Input Voltage Range Buck Converter with Constant-Charge PFM Control

Paolo Melillo


Wireless Power Transfer: Modeling & Control

Misalignment Estimation in a Three-Phase Transverse-Pole DWPT System

Vatan Mehar


AC-DC Converters II

New Single-Stage Single-Phase Isolated Bidirectional AC-DC PFC Converter

Mafu Zhang


High-Power DC-DC Converters

Capacitive Based Isolated Resonant Switched Capacitor Solid State DC Transformer

Miroslav Vasic


Low-Power DC-DC Converters

Power Amplifiers with Reactance Steering Network for Efficient Driving of Variable Impedance Inductively Coupled Plasma Coils

Tanuj Sen


Utility-Interface Converters

Stability Analysis of Second-Order Harmonic Active Filters for Input-Series/Output-Parallel Solid State Transformers

Andrea Cervone


Motor Drives & Inverters

Broken Rotor Bar Detection in AC Induction Motors Using Cascaded Flux-Current State Observer

Jin A Choi


Devices & Components

Modeling the Effect of Gate-Drain Parasitic Capacitance of a SiC MOSFET in a Half-Bridge During the Soft Turn-Off and Hard Turn-on Transition

Ayooluwa Ajiboye


Power Converter Design, Packaging & Integration

A Compact Power Stage Design for 10-kV SiC Device-Based Converters with Heatsink Electric Field Shaping

Zihan Gao


Modeling & Simulation

Modeling Framework to Compare High Voltage Vertical GaN PN and Merged PN-Schottky Diodes

Samuel Atwimah


Control I

The Output Voltage Estimator for Primary-Side Regulated Active-Clamp Forward Converter

Junho Shin


Control II

Carrier-Based Modulation Scheme Plus Neutral-Point Current Control for Balancing Neutral-Point Voltage of Three-Phase Four-Leg Three-Level Inverter Over Entire Power Factor

Li Zhang


Wireless Power Transfer

Modeling and Analysis of Duty Cycle Mode Voltage Ringings in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Haoquan Zhang


Renewable Energy Systems

Optimal Design and Operation of Long-Distance Deep-Water HVAC Transmission for Offshore WECS Integration with FPSO Unit

Lenon Schmitz


Transportation Power Electronics

Optimizing a Full-Bridge Capacitor-Clamped LLC Resonant Converter for EV Charging Considering the Effect of Leakage Inductance of the Auxiliary Transformer

Jiayang Wu


Harvest, AC & HF Power Applications, & Power Quality

Low-Power Solid-State Transformers to Replace Line-Frequency Class 2 Transformers

Allen Nguyen


High Frequency Magnetics

Interleaved PCB Winding Planar Transformer for Electric Vehicle Charging CLLC Converters

Hans Wouters


Magnetic Design & Optimization

A Multilevel Converter Testbench for High-Frequency Power Magnetics Characterization

Neha Rajput


Magnetic Applications II

Analysis of Eddy Currents and Thermal Modeling of Planar Magnetic Components with Metal Housing

Atsushi Hasenuma