The APEC Plenary Session is a long-standing tradition of addressing topics of immediate and long-term interest to the practicing power electronics engineer. The on-trend topics featured during the plenary session are brought to you by invited distinguished professionals followed by an interactive Q&A session.

The Technical Sessions are the heart of the APEC Technical Program. Papers presented in the Technical Sessions have been selected through a rigorous peer review process and cover all areas of interest to the practicing power electronics professional. All digests submitted to APEC are reviewed and scored to the same selection criteria. The digests selected for presentation at the conference may be presented in one of two different formats. All papers presented at APEC in either format of Technical Session are published in the IEEE Xplore digital library.

Papers selected for Lecture Sessions are presented in traditional oral presentations. Papers are selected for the Lecture Sessions for their interest to a broad range of APEC attendees.

Papers selected for the Dialogue Session are presented in poster format. Papers selected for the Dialogue Session generally because the scope of the paper is of interest to a narrower range of APEC attendees. The big advantage to the Dialogue Sessions is that attendees interested in the paper can have an extended, in-person discussion with the paper’s author.

Click here for information on submitting a paper for inclusion in the APEC 2025 Technical Sessions.

Presentations in Industry Sessions do not have a written paper. This allows authors, particularly those from industry, to publish their latest work without the burden of preparing a formal manuscript. Industry Session presentations allow for the publishing of more current information from a wide range of topics and areas of interest that appeal not just to design engineers but other power electronics professionals including systems engineers, applications engineers, technical marketing, manufacturing, component suppliers, regulatory engineers, and business-oriented professionals in sales, marketing, and procurement.

APEC’s Professional Education Seminars are three-hour presentations from the leading experts from industry and academia. Each year these seminars cover a wide range of topics in levels ranging from introductory to expert. A key feature of APEC’s Professional Education Seminars is that one seminar registration fee offers access to all the seminars and includes the slides from all seminars. Registrants for the Professional Education Seminars are free to go to any seminar and even get up and roam from seminar to seminar at will.

Every year, the APEC Committee handpicks a handful of hot topics and brings together a panel of distinguished experts to engage in a dynamic exchange of views. The RAP Sessions are structured around pivotal questions designed to spark debate, ensuring a representation of diverse perspectives. Kickstarting the session with introductory remarks from our panelists, we then open the floor to you—our audience of specialists—to weigh in with your insights, challenge the experts, and steer the conversation with your questions. Get ready for an invigorating exchange of ideas that is as informative as it is animated and walk away with a deeper understanding of the latest trends and controversies in power electronics.

Many APEC Exhibitors take advantage of the opportunity to make presentations in conjunction with the APEC Exposition. The best of these presentations present a current challenge to the power electronics industry, a brief review of how this challenge has been addressed in the past, and then how that company’s products or services offer a solution better than previously existing solutions. The APEC Exhibitor Presentations offer a good way to get a more in-depth look at the latest product and services offered by suppliers to the power electronics industry.

As the saying goes “All work and no play makes one a dull person”. Aside from the Technical Program, APEC 2025 will offer a wide range of networking opportunities, special events, and social activities to create a broad and well-rounded conference experience.

APEC 2024 is pleased to announce and congratulate the recipients of the Best Presentation Awards. The Session Chairs of each Technical Session score each presentation and choose the best.