Every year, the APEC Committee handpicks a handful of hot topics and brings together a panel of distinguished experts to engage in a dynamic exchange of views. The Debate Sessions, formerly called RAP Sessions, are structured around pivotal questions designed to spark debate, ensuring a representation of diverse perspectives. Kickstarting the session with introductory remarks from our panelists, we then open the floor to you—our audience of specialists—to weigh in with your insights, challenge the experts, and steer the conversation with your questions. Get ready for an invigorating exchange of ideas that is as informative as it is animated and walk away with a deeper understanding of the latest trends and controversies in power electronics.

While the APEC 2025 Debate (RAP) Session program is being developed check out the interesting topics discussed and debated at APEC 2024 by panels of distinguished speakers.

Chair: Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, AspenCore


  • Shri Joshi, Infineon
  • Gopal Mitra, OmniOn Power
  • Gordon Abas Goodarzi, Magmotor Technologies Inc.
  • Garrett Walker, Texas Instruments

Abstract: This RAP session brings together top-tier experts from the electric vehicle industry and academic research. Our panel will dive into the balance between expanding charging networks to ease range concerns and advancing powertrain tech for efficiency and performance gains. Explore the impact of policies and collaborations between industry and research on reshaping the EV landscape. Join the panel of professionals from academia and industry for an engaging discussion regarding EVs and infrastructure.

Chair: Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University


  • Norbert Hanigovszki, Danfoss Power Electronics
  • Marija Ilic, MIT
  • Pedro Rodriguez Cortes, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
  • Ilknur Colak, Schneider Electric

Abstract: Power converters are seeing more demands from customers – e.g., dynamic performance, precision, easy to install and operate in complex systems, scalable, high reliability, and low cost. The constant technology development in power electronic components, faster control loops, more processor power, AI, Machine learning, control methods bring a wide range of opportunities for intelligent control systems. This RAP session will discuss the possibilities, trends, and challenges to answer which direction we should move to achieve the highest system reliability. Join the RAP session having leading capacities from industry and universities in an interactive debate.

Chair: Brian Rosenbloom, Rothwell Figg


  • Patrick Chapman, Mainspring Energy
  • Johann Walter Kolar, ETH
  • Grant Pitel, Magna-Power
  • Jeewika Ranaweera, IEEE Future Directions Committee

Abstract: This RAP session will answer your questions regarding how best to protect your innovations and other valuable intellectual property (IP). Is seeking a patent always the best approach? Are you better off with other forms of protection or no protection at all? What are the benefits of seeking patent protection and are they worth the costs? Is trade-secret protection an option? This RAP session provides answers to these questions from a variety of viewpoints. Come join this panel of experts in what should be a lively and informative debate.