Date To Be AnnouncedLog in instructions and credentials for the Review Portal will be sent to you by this date. As soon as you receive this information log in to the Review Portal and confirm all presenters in your session are valid.
Date To Be AnnouncedReview and provide feedback for draft Industry Session presentations. Inform speakers once feedback has been provided. If you do not have any feedback to provide, let the speaker know they must still upload a final version of their presentation as a PowerPoint file.
February 14, 2025Deadline for presenters to upload final presentations in PowerPoint and PDF file formats to the presenter portal. Session Chairs are responsible for contacting presenters who do not upload materials by the stated deadline.

Login credentials for the Session Chair Portal will be emailed to you by [Date To Be Announced].

Session Chairs will review and provide feedback for draft and final presentations within the Review Portal. Chairs will send task reminders to speakers through the Portal.

If a Session Chair is also a speaker, they need to use the Speaker Portal for uploading their presentation. The Review Portal is only for Session Chair Tasks, not Speaker Tasks.

Industry Session Chairs are required to register for APEC 2025 at either the Full Conference Registration or Technical/Industry Session rate.

Conference registration is scheduled to open on November 4, 2024. Early Bird Registration ends on January 13, 2025.

A training session for all APEC Session Chairs (Technical Sessions, Industry Sessions, Dialogue Sessions) was held on [Date To Be Announced]. This training is mandatory for all APEC Session Chairs.