Key Date/DeadlineAction/Event
Now accepting proposalsSeminar Submission Portal Starts Accepting Proposals
September 6, 2024Seminar Submission Submission Portal Stops Accepting Proposals
October 15, 2024Prospective Speakers Notified Of Decision To Accept Or Decline Their Proposal For The APEC 2025 Program
October 22, 2024Presenters must confirm acceptance of their proposal by this date
October 22, 2024Seminar Submission Portal Starts Accepting Presentation Files
January 3, 2025Final Presentation Submission Deadline

The APEC 2025 Professional Education Seminars will be held in three sessions:

  • Sunday, March 16, 2025, 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Sunday, March 16, 2025, 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Monday, March 17, 2025, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

In each three- and one-half hour session the format is:

  • 90 minutes of presentation
  • 30 minute break
  • 90 minutes of presentation

Prospective seminar speakers must show in their proposal that their seminar will conform to this timing. This timing is necessary so that the coffee and beverage service for the break is coordinated among all seminars.

Prospective seminar speakers understand that an accepted seminar may be assigned to any of the three seminar sessions. Requests for assignment to a specific session will be considered but there is no guarantee that such requests can be accommodated.

The first step to presenting a seminar at APEC 2025 is to submit a proposal.  The requirements for the proposal a given below.

The The second step is the review of the proposal by the Professional Education Seminar Chairs and other reviewers. Seminar propels are evaluated on several criteria including the appropriateness of the topic, the technical level, the clarity of the proposal, whether a similar topic has been presented at a recent APEC, whether the seminar appears likely to be commercial in nature, the submitter’s performance as a seminar presenter in the past, and overall fit the with seminar program. This means that good proposals may not be accepted for a given APEC.

When the review process is complete prospective seminar speakers are notified that their proposal has been accepted, or not, for presentation. If a proposal is accepted speakers submit their full and final presentation by the stated deadline.  The submission of the presentation is your explicit grant of permission for APEC and its sponsors to distribute your seminar in any format and by any method of their choosing.

The final step is to present your seminar in-person at the conference.

The seminar proposal should include the following:

  • Contact information for presenting speaker(s): name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. The corresponding presenter must be clearly identified, and an email address must be provided in the proposal.
  • An abstract of no more than 200 words describing what is to be presented, including whether the topic will be treated in‐depth or as a survey, and the level of the intended audience (entry level, intermediate, or advanced). This abstract should be a suitable description of your seminar for publication on the APEC website and in the program book.
  • A detailed topical outline of three to five double‐spaced pages including the estimated time for each major topic. Note that the topics must be suitably in‐depth and comprehensive to adequately cover three plus hours of presentation time.
  • If a live demonstration is to be part of the seminar presentation include a description of the demonstration, the equipment to be used in the demonstration, and any specials needs to support the demonstration such as additional power outlets or an additional video feed for a video camera or oscilloscope video output. See below for additional discussion of live demonstrations. Note that live demonstrations are discouraged and not all requests for a live demonstration will be granted.
  • A short professional biography of no more than 200 words for each speaker. This biography should highlight professional, especially industrial, experience. A brief listing of degrees received should be included. Space permitting you may mention professional activities such as IEEE committees and awards or recognitions received. Do not copy and paste your multiple page resume or academic CV!
  • The proposal is to be submitted in PDF format to the Seminar Submission Portal no later than the deadline given above.

APEC 2025 Professional Education Speakers receive a complimentary Full Registration to the conference and an honorarium of US$2500.

If a seminar has more than one speaker, the speakers must designate the person to receive the Full Registration (only one registration is offered for each seminar) and how the honorarium is to be distributed among the speakers.

Seminar speakers will be required to provide payment information and the required tax information, such as a United Stated IRS Form W-9, before payment is made. Honorarium payments will be made by electronic funds transfer (direct deposit) the week after the conference.

Seminar speakers are responsible for coordinating and paying for their own travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses. Visit the Hotel And Travel Information page for more information.

For VISA Information, click here.

The Seminar Submission Portal is used to upload your presentation files. Log in credentials will be emailed to you. Speakers are required to upload their presentation to the Seminar Submission Portal by the stated deadlines. The APEC Seminar Chairs will review all uploaded materials and may provide feedback, if necessary.

Click here to submit your seminar proposal.

Professional Education Seminar presenters retain the copyright to their presentations and any associated media files but grant to APEC and its sponsors a royalty-free license to distribute in perpetuity the presentation in any format and by any means chosen by APEC or its sponsors.

APEC seminar presenters are required to appear and present their seminar in person. If a seminar presenter fails to appear at the scheduled time and location to present their seminar no honorarium will be paid.

APEC seminar presentations are to be strictly free of commercial content.

Limit background information on the speaker’s affiliation and trademarked terms. For example, a slide or slides describing the speaker’s employer’s company history, organization, or product offerings are not appropriate. You may add a one page “About The Speaker” slide to the end of your presentation to provide a brief professional biography.

 Mentions of particular products or services are permitted only if incidental and does not promote the product or service. For example, a seminar might mention a particular MOSFET or control IC by part number or show an excerpt of a data sheet as part of a design example, but the content must not present even the appearance of promoting the purchase of that part.

All seminars accepted for presentation at APEC 2025 must be provided in an unsecured PDF file format with all fonts embedded. This file will be used for the printed version distributed to seminar attendees. APEC will also secure this file and distribute it electronically.

For seminars that will be presented using computers provided by APEC, seminar presentations must also be provided in Microsoft PowerPoint file format.

All seminar presentation files are submitted through the Seminar Submission Portal.  This portal is expected to open on or about October 22, 2024.

Professional Education Seminar slides must be formatted in wide, 16 x 9 format. The minimum formatting requirements are included as part of the APEC Professional Education Seminar Template, which will be available when speaker notifications are sent.

The recommended number of slides is a minimum of 90 and a maximum of 140.  If you need more than 140 slides for your seminar, contact the Seminar Chairs to obtain permission.

The maximum file size for the PDF version of the seminar is 20 MB.

Additional presentation requirements may be imposed by APEC.

Requests for seminar speakers to be able to play supplementary video or audio files can generally be accommodated but arrangements must be made well ahead of the conference date.

Live demonstrations during APEC Professional Education Seminars are possible but discouraged. Live demonstrations will be accepted only in a small number of potential seminars. Demonstrations, no matter how well meaning, tend to encounter difficulties ranging from a failed demonstration board to a faulty oscilloscope probe. Taking time to adjust or repair a malfunctioning demonstration frustrates seminar attendees.

All seminar speakers must request permission from the Seminar Chairs to do a live demonstration well in advance of submitting the final presentation. The Seminar Chairs may decline the request for a live demonstration depending on the nature of the demonstration, safety considerations (such as the presence of high voltage), the extent or difficulty in accommodating the setup requirements (such as the need for additional power outlets or video feeds), and as a function of all other requests for live demonstrations.

It is recommended that instead of a live demonstration seminar speakers record the demonstration in their laboratory and play the video, such as a capture of an oscilloscope screen showing converter waveforms under different operating conditions, during the seminar. This approach has been shown to work well with APEC seminar audiences.

Once the final presentation is uploaded to the Seminar Submission Portal seminar speakers may not make any changes to their presentation. The final uploaded version will be used to prepare the PDF distributed to seminar registrants and to print the handouts given to the attendees.

One of the biggest complaints APEC receives about the Professional Education Seminars is that the presented slides do not match the slides distributed to the attendees or that are printed in the handout books. To prevent this attendee dissatisfaction seminar presenters are not permitted to make any significant changes in their seminar presentation after the final upload to the Speaker Portal.

If minor changes, such as correcting a spelling or grammar error, in the final presentation is needed, such changes can be made in the Speaker Ready Room at least two hours before the start of the seminar.

Professional Education Seminar speakers may use either an APEC supplied computer or their own personal computer for their presentation. To avoid delays caused by incompatibility APEC encourages seminar speakers to use the supplied (and tested in advance) audio visual setups rather than their own computer.

Audiovisual equipment provided in each session room includes a laptop computer with Microsoft Office, LCD projector, projection screen, wireless slide advancer, wired lavaliere microphone(s), and Wi-Fi.

Please note that seminar speakers are not permitted to attach USB flash drives or other devices to the APEC supplied computers.

Location: To Be Announced

Dates And Times

  • Sunday, February 25, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
  • Monday, February 26, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM 

Please note: Speakers only attend Speaker Breakfast on the day of their presentation.

Location: To Be Announced

The Speaker Ready Room contains all final slide decks ready for presentation. Speakers should check in on the day of their presentation before continuing on to the Breakfast Session AND before their session begins (provide a wide buffer of time before presenting to check in).

DateHours OF Operation
Sunday, March 16, 20258:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday, March 17, 20257:00 AM – 1:30 PM

APEC Professional Education Seminar speakers retain the copyright to their seminar materials.

Seminar speakers, however, by submitting their seminar presentation to APEC agree that their presentations will be distributed in secure PDF format to each attendee registered for the APEC 2025 Professional Education Seminars and may be provided to attendees in the form of a printed book.

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When sharing with your network and colleagues that you are presenting at the conference, be sure to use the hashtag #APEC2025.