While not part of the official APEC Program the Magnetics Workshop, organized jointly by the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), held the Saturday before APEC begins, has become an established tradition. The 2024 workshop, titled "Power Magnetics At High Frequency", will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Room 104.

The purpose and focus of this workshop are to identify the latest improvements in magnetic materials, coil (winding) design, construction and fabrication, evaluation and characterization techniques and modelling and simulation tools. This is to target the advancements that are deemed necessary by the participants for power magnetics to meet the technical expectations and requirements of new market applications for higher operating frequencies and emerging topologies that are being driven by continuous advances in circuits topologies and semi-conductor devices.

The target audiences for the 2024 Power Magnetics At High Frequency workshop include the designers of power magnetic components for use in electronic power converters responsible to implement the most technologically advanced power magnetic components that are necessary to achieve higher power densities, specific physical aspect ratios such as low profile, higher power efficiencies and improved thermal performance. The target audiences also include people involved in the supply chain for the power magnetics industry ranging from manufacturers of magnetic materials and magnetic structures, fabricators of magnetic components, providers of modelling and simulation software as well as manufacturers of test and characterization equipment.

The theme of the 2024 Power Magnetics At High Frequency will be the design of optimal magnetics across applications and environments. A number of recognized experts have already confirmed their presentations for the workshop.

The workshop will open with a keynote presentation by Johan Kolar and Jannik Schafer of ETH Zentrum covering the opportunities for new magnetics designs to address a broad range of market driven technology trends across automotive and data center applications. The morning session will consist of lecture presentations by Jonas Muehlethaler of Frenetic addressing design and optimization of magnetics for different applications, Qiang Li of CPES addressing magnetics for VRM applications and Lukas Mueller of Mircometals addressing optimizing inductors based on choice of magnetic materials.

During lunch, breakfast, and the networking hour at the end of the workshop there will be an interactive session of tabletop technology demonstrations, each addressing specific technical disciplines and capabilities consistent with the workshop agenda. Workshop attendees typically spend ten to fifteen minutes at each technology demonstration station viewing informal interactive presentations. Interaction between the attendees and the presenters is highly encouraged during this portion of agenda as a segue from the morning technical presentation sessions to the afternoon lecture presentation session. Technology demonstrations are confirmed by JC Sun of Bs&T, Mike Arasim of Fair Rite, Arturo Mediano of HF Magic Labs, Lukas Mueller of Micrometals, Juris Vencels of Trafolo and Tom Wilson of Simplis Additional technology demonstrations are pending. If anyone is interested to present a technology demonstration, they are encouraged to contact the workshop organizing committee via e-mail to power@psma.com .

The afternoon session will begin with a keynote presentation by Charles Sullivan of Dartmouth addressing special design issues ranging from thermal design, dielectric design, and insulation design. The keynote presentation will be followed by lecture presentations by Roman Jamy of Yageo addressing multi-dimensional optimization relative to electrical, thermal, and commercial objectives, Zhicheng Guo of Arizona State University addressing partial discharge characterization for high frequency transformers and Subhashish Bhattacharya of North Carolina University addressing thermal design issues for solid state transformers.

Registration for this workshop is separate from the registration for the APEC conference.

Registration for the workshop is limited and is now open. To register for this workshop please visit the workshop’s page.